West Cornwall Motor Club


Phillip Roberts
Tel: 01736 367727
Mob: 07810632880


Named as West Cornwall Motor Club in 1933 but able to trace its roots back to the Penzance and District Motor Club formed in 1924, we are one of the oldest motorcycle sports clubs in the southwest and in the 80-year life span of the club two of the members have been present from the beginning.
Arnold White and Obead Prowse being two of the original founding members both in organisation and competition, passing their enthusiasm on to their sons Roger White and David Prowse who both competed with great success far and wide, both now form a very important part of the clubs committee, Roger as President and David as centre delegate.
The White thread now being into the 4th generation as Rogers sons and grandson both compete and organise events.
With the established events in our calendar, it makes it a busy year for all involved, especially in this current ‘time is money’ climate and as we are one of the smallest clubs numerically in the centre, the hardcore amongst us work hard to make the events possible and the club thanks them for their generous help.
The committee meets at Landithy Hall, Madron on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 8 pm, all are Welcome.