Camel Vale Motorcycle Club

The Camel Vale Motorcycle club is based in the Mid- North Cornwall area.

We specialise in the promotion of running off-road events for trials and enduro solo machines.

In order to compete in any of our events, competitors must initially be a member of an ACU club and must also hold a current ACU Competition Licence or Trials Registration. These are issued on a calendar year basis and expire in December of the year of issue.
The one-day trials incorporate several different courses, which are graded to suit competitors of all abilities and types of machines.
The three events for enduro/MX machines include both disciplines of hare and hounds and time card enduros. These events are for competitors aged over sixteen years of age.

Riders are usually graded at the beginning of the year between championship (best), experts and clubman. The clubman classes are then normally split into subclasses based on the type of machine, engine size or age.
A hare and hounds is an endurance event that has a duration of at least three hours and the aim is to complete the most number of laps in the specified time.
A time card enduro is also an endurance event but is rather more complex. Riders are allocated a specific time to complete each individual lap. A rider who finishes a lap outside his specified time is penalised (early or late). Within the lap, there is normally a timed section (now by electronic timing) where riders must complete as quickly as possible. At the end of the event, the rider with the lowest penalty points wins. To date, we are the only club in Cornwall to ever have run proper time card endurance events
The club also runs a time and observation trial (similar to the famous Scott Trial) which is an event for all types of solo off-road machines.

The club was founded in 1952, having been formerly known as the Wadebridge and District Motorcycle and Light Car Club. The motorcycle and car disciplines split into two in 1971 and the CVMCC sister club Camel Vale Motor club also remains to this day a very active and successful club in its own right for our four-wheeled friends.

Club meetings are held at Syds Bar in Bodmin on the first Wednesday of every month at 8/8.15pm.

Entry forms for all of our events are available online on our website ( and we also have a Facebook group.


PRESIDENT  Colin Treleaven

Rebecca Hicks

SECRETARY Elaine Jones
16 Foxdown
PL27 6BD
Tel 01208 813745
E mail:

Steve Tabb, Chy Lowen Treverbyn Road St Austell. Tel 01726 74957