Report on Kernow and Trispen Trial 4/5 January 2014

Cornwall Centre ACU Kernow Trial.

 The 2014 Cornish trials championship kicked off with round 1 of the Cornwall Centre ACU Kernow Trial, run by Camel Vale Motorcycle club in the excellent Garker valley St.Austell.The 90 odd solos faced 2 laps of 24 subs, made all the more tricky with challenging riding in between the sections. Devon visitors Joe and Nick Baker took the top two places with Ian Martin up holding the Cornish interest. One youth Toby Martyn also rode the hardest route and in doing so showed some excellent riding skills, with a ride worthy of 4th best result.
Still very much a class rider, Tim Martyn Toby’s dad took the C/man Exp closely chased by Robert Smith and Mick Thompson. On the Yellow c/man course Ian Baker had a close win over Phil Wicket by virtue of 3 extra cleans with Andy Muller third. Matt Diment showed great determination to take the Youth A award from Ryan Carter. The new 50/50 N/exp route was clearly taken by Alan Barnes with Nigel Andrew second and Mike Jacobs third.
The ever popular White route win saw Richard Jay beating Jon White and Edward Lewis, in the youth ranks the B class went to Alex Diment from Peter Higman and Josh Wright. Peter Bullen took the T/shock class from Robin Mill and Kevin Hawke,and in the Pre 65 class John Luckett pipped Richard Trott and Tony Sullivan for the win.
Six sidecars competed on a separate course, and the overall win went to Tristan and Carl Jenkin from Andrew Jewel and Shane Sandercock, the N/exp win went to Mick Teagus and Steve Gould beating Andy Cheeseman and Nick Hunt.
Camelvale would like to thank everyone for there help in making this trial possible.
Blue course: Prem, J Baker 11, N Baker 27, I Martin 54. Youth B, T Martyn 31. Blue/Yellow course: Prem, T Martyn 31, R Smith 36, M Thompson 38. Yellow course: Prem, I Baker 25(36 cleans), P Wicket 25(33 cleans), A Muller 35. Youth A, M Diment 118,R Carter 129.. Yellow/ White course: Prem, A Barnes 12, N Andrew 24, M Jacobs 32. White course: Prem, R Jay 31, J White 34, E Lewis 40. Youth B, A Diment 82,P Higman 86, J Wright 96.  T/shock, P Bullen 37, R Mill 72, K Hawke 76. Pre 65, J Luckett 24.R Trott 51, T Sullivan 58. Trailbike, A Skelton 42.
S/cars course: Exp Prem, T/C Jenkin 40. N/exp Prem, M Teagus/ S Gould  48.
Camborne and Redruth Motorcycle Club Trispen Da Cuhna Trial.
After the Kernow trial on Saturday, Sunday saw CRMC run there Trispen Da Chuna trial as round two of the Cornish trials championship, using the venue at Gilberts Coombe Redruth. The 50 plus solos were faced with 2 laps of 10 double subs and had a variety of sections with slippery mud and root laden climbs and drops, river beds, granite rocks and a scattering of precast masonry. Third place on Saturday was converted into a win on Sunday by Ian Martin beating Martin Richards and George Edyvean. Saturdays C/man Exp class win was duplicated on Sunday by Tim Martyn from Mick Thompson and Robin Martin.The c/man route went to Glen Lowe from Ray Arnold and Tristan Barnicoat. The 50/50 route was taken by Nigel Andrew with Saturdays winner Alan Barnes runner up and Graham Airey third. On the white course Jon White beat Andy Vercoe and Adrian Bray, Four Pre 65 runners were lead by Colin Dommett from Tony Sullivan and Ken O’Brien. Peter Bullen had a good ride to beat Gareth White and Kevin Hawke in the Twinshock class.
Blue course: Prem, I Martin 16, M Richards 42, G Edyvean 43. Youth B,T Martyn 22. Blue/Yellow course: Prem,T Martyn 13, M Thompson 28, R Martin 37. Yellow course: Prem, G Lowe 31, R Arnold 33, T Barnicoat 34. White/Yellow course: Prem,N Andrew 13, A Barnes 17, G Airey 19.Youth B, A Diment 73. Youth C, T Arnold 58. White course: Prem, J White 23, A Vercoe 26,A Bray 27. Pre65, C Dommett 18, T Sullivan 24, K O’Brien 35. T/shock, P Bullen 42, G White 54,K Hawke 59.
Many thanks to Richard Parkyn for this report.

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